Going Lean

In a search of excellence in client value on our construction projects, for many years we at Duffey Southeast Construction have adopted the most advanced construction management processes to safely deliver projects of high quality on time, on budget.

Three years ago, we committed to changing the culture of our company by adopting construction principles promoted by Lean Construction Institute.  As active members of this organization, we are apprised of the most cutting-edge industry practices to wring waste from our construction projects.  And with studies showing over 50% of activity on construction projects is waste, we have great opportunity to provide increased value to our clients by developing a lean culture. Our goals are driven to minimize cost and maximize value on each project by applying time proven waste reducing principles.  Use of these principles and techniques benefit all participants in the construction project producing increased value with reduced cost.

We continue training all construction personnel on and are successfully utilizing “The Last Planner” methodology to more closely coordinate on-site construction activities on all projects.  Under this workflow improvement methodology we have realized great results by eliminating waste in manpower, excess motion, damage to materials, unnecessary storage of materials, resulting in greater efficiencies to safely deliver projects with high-quality workmanship, greater predictability, and with less rework, reducing the cost of delivery.

We are excited about the returns our new “Lean” culture offers all participants, our Clients, Associates, and Trade Partners.

November 16th, 2017|Categories: News|