DAN BAKER, P.E.President
Like many construction professionals, Dan developed a love for the construction process through helping his father on construction projects as a child. But what sets him apart from second generation construction managers is that Dan truly feels that he was put on this earth to build. He turned his summer job in middle school into a full-time career, earning his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Alabama and ultimately founding Duffey Southeast, Inc. in 2002.

Dan’s vision for Duffey Southeast is simple: provide client-focused construction services to complete high quality construction projects. He considers his firm to be a true general contractor that puts service first. Under his leadership, Duffey Southeast team members keep their word to consistently and safely deliver projects that start and complete on schedule, meet clients’ goals and complete within budget. This emphasis on client focus distinguishes Duffey Southeast from its competition. It has earned the firm a respected reputation of building clients’ trust, which has created repeat business and long-term partners who rely on them for their construction needs. Dan makes an effort to invest in both people and technology to differentiate Duffey Southeast. He knows that project personnel are absolutely key to their success and is committed to hiring and retaining the brightest and most talented construction professionals in the industry. He has instilled a culture of teamwork, skill, integrity and responsibility at the firm. This focus on people and relationships is a major contributor to the longevity of the firm and the secret to his success as a contractor.

Dan is a registered Professional Engineer and holds a General Contractors Licenses in many states across the Southeast. He is also a LEED Accredited Professional. An active member of the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), he has served numerous years in leadership roles at the State and National level. Dan’s leadership has been an asset to both publicly traded and non-profit organization where he has served as a director, and he is a lifelong member and leader of the First United Methodist Church in Cedar Bluff, AL.

GARDNER PEEKVice President
Since 2009, Gardner Peek has been a key member of the leadership team at Duffey Southeast. As the Vice President responsible for projects built by the company’s Atlanta office, Gardner is focused on the delivery of superior construction and renovation projects. His thoughtful process to achieve superior results is what keeps Duffey Southeast’s commercial, healthcare and industrial clients engaged with the firm for repeat projects. When a Duffey Southeast project is complete and the structure is ready for move -in, Gardner considers the project a success if his clients have enjoyed the process to create it.

Gardner is inspired to work with like-minded people and pursue excellence. He loves the feeling of accomplishment he gets from finishing a construction project and seeing the tangible results of the hard work of the talented team of construction professionals he works with at Duffey Southeast. With continuous communication, patience and integrity, he works with clients to help them articulate their goals and create intentional results.

He has earned degrees in both Construction and Business Management; coupled with his field construction experience, which provides him with a unique perspective to successfully manage a wide variety of challenging construction project types. In Gardner’s 20-years of construction experience, he has learned that he shares one critical attribute with his clients: they both want to be effective leaders in their respective circles of influence. He is focused on customer service and looks forward to collaborating with Duffey Southeast’s clients every day to build significant structures that stand the test of time.

The son of a contractor, Brian Woessner spent his teenage years working various construction trades alongside his dad. Ever since earning his first paycheck as a plumber for $3 an hour at the age of 14, Brian was inspired by the challenge of construction. He quickly saw the fun in taking a disorganized construction project and delivering something useful and seemingly impossible to the client. The feeling of accomplishment stuck with him throughout his youth and led him to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from the University of Florida and later his General Contractors License. Brian is also a LEED Green Associate.

Since joining Duffey Southeast in 2002, Brian has fun every day at work. With the talented group of professionals at the firm, he motivates each project team to build great projects for clients– and not just manage them. To him, being a great contractor means getting out in the field and building the project from the ground up, exceeding the client’s expectations. One of his most memorable projects was a switch gear replacement for AT&T web hosting that had to be completed without any interruption in service. Brian personally worked the night shift alongside the superintendent to complete the project – and he learned a lot in the process. He learned that pulling off the impossible never gets old and that ensuring the success of the next generation of construction professionals is critical to his success as a manager.

As the Manager of Duffey Southeast’s Jacksonville Office, Brian is excited to go to work every day. He wants to make the work of his clients easier by doing what he loves to do – build great projects on-time, within budget and demonstrative of superior quality.

DARRIN KINESVice President
With a strong aptitude for science and math, Darrin Kines was naturally drawn to coursework at the Georgia Institute of Technology where he ultimately graduated with a BS in Civil Engineering. But while he found engineering fascinating, he knew he didn’t want to sit behind a desk every day. In his chosen career in construction, he gets to apply the fundamentals of engineering out in the field, actually bringing complicated projects to life.

Darrin has been with Duffey Southeast since its founding in 2002. What he loves best about the company is the family atmosphere – he values the small company’s fun working environment and loves the work his team produces from his hometown of Cedartown, GA. He is inspired by the constantly changing conditions in the construction industry and working with talented people to give Duffey Southeast’s clients that best quality projects at the most economical prices.

Darrin is organized, driven and knows that great leadership creates successful projects. He is committed to leading Duffey Southeast’s construction staff to build unique projects, while offering superior client service each day on the job. With this mindset, he has led a strong team to deliver such cornerstone projects for the company as the Highlands Medical office building in Highlands, North Carolina – the firm’s first healthcare project.

Darrin is a LEED Accredited Professional and a licensed GC across multiple sates in the Southeast.