Mobile Telecom Switch Office (MTSO) – Bush St.

Project Description

  • Mobile Telecom Switch Office

  • Raleigh, North Carolina

  • Client: Confidential

  • Construction Cost: $4.72 million

This new state-of-the-art 11,500 square foot Mobile Telephone Switch Office presented Duffey Southeast with the opportunity to use advanced techniques in both design and construction from project conception to project completion.  Project team members were given an expected completion date before design was finished and as a result of everyone working well together, we met the 16-week window available to construct the facility once permitting was complete. Telecommunications equipment was set and prepared for service in less than 26 weeks. All team members met and exceeded expectations during a highly rigorous permitting process that required a tremendous amount of teamwork, coordination and focus. This very complex project condensed a lot of work that had to be executed perfectly in a short amount of time. Despite less than favorable weather conditions, all critical service dates were met and the project was safely constructed to the owner’s satisfaction.