Morgan St. Central Office

Project Description

  • Commercial Power Upgrade to Telecommunications Facility

  • Raleigh, North Carolina

  • Client: Confidential

  • Construction Cost: $4.25 million

Over the years, the existing seven-story, 301,408 square foot telecommunications facility’s power systems had become antiquated and insufficient to support the new digital technology system. The owner elected to upgrade the power systems by installing new commercial power supply and completely replacing the existing primary power distribution equipment and emergency back-up power systems, with state of the art equipment. The very complicated project included new dual 4000 A commercial power services, new service entrance boards, commercial distribution boards, emergency power generator/paralleling switchgear system, new power transfer switches and transfer of all existing main circuits before demolishing the existing primary power equipment. The coordination to transfer all loads in the building from the old switchgear to the new without affecting the operation of the existing live telecommunication systems required precision execution and timing.

The power cutovers involved numerous complicated process procedures and Method of Procedures (MOP’s) to safely transfer the existing circuits from old to new systems. Each MOP required a safe back out processes in the event that it was necessary to scrub the transfer while underway.

The entire project was safely completed on time with no unplanned or unanticipated outages.