Network Technology Mission Critical Facility

Project Description

  • Central Office Facility Renovation

  • Gainesville, Florida

  • Client: Confidential

  • Construction Cost: $22 million

Duffey Southeast was recently contracted by a Fortune 100 company to renovate this 55,000 square foot three story central office facility for build-out of a new 11,000 square foot Data Center and 11,000 square foot UPS. In addition to the renovations, site alterations accommodate the installation of two new diverse power service feeds, a new service elevator, two new 2 MW generators, new 2,500 KVA house service panel and new paralleling switchgear.

The new raised access floor data center includes 50 new XDH in-row cooling units for high-density equipment heat loads supported by chilled water XDP heat exchangers. These, along with the ten 30-ton CRAC units, are feed by a new chilled water plant including two 600 ton chillers, cooling towers and supporting mechanical infrastructure. The project also includes the installation of two new 750 KVA UPS, four field power cabinets and four RDC’s to support the new data center.