• Duffey Doehler USA Project - Interior Shot
    Aseptic Compounding Lab, Waste Water Treatment Plant & Tenant Offices

    The new addition at Doehler USA required an 18,000 sf demolition to install a custom stainless-steel trench floor drain system. The foundation also included constructing a 4’ thick slab to support several raw material bulk storage tanks. Infrastructure components were installed comprising of a large boiler, de-air station, large chiller and pumps and associated piping for chilled water loop. To maintain a clean environment and limit particulates, Duffey fitted the production area with a live steam wash-down, high speed doors, vinyl ceiling tiles, water proof light fixtures and stainless steel ductwork/vents. The enclosure also featured foam insulated metal panels with flashing for food grade production. During construction, the team built a stainless-steel pipe bridge to carry process stainless steel piping and utility piping to production equipment.

  • Floyd Urgent Care Center – Rome

    Duffey Southeast constructed a new 9,200 square foot Urgent Care Center in the parking lot adjacent to an existing, fully occupied Urgent Care Facility. The team successfully delivered the Urgent Care Center through intense challenges of heavy traffic around a small project site and extreme weather conditions.

  • Whitmire Pavilion at Sandy Springs Christian Church

    Named the Whitmire Pavilion, this new outdoor, open-air structure was funded through private donations and stands as a tribute to William Whitmire, a well-known Automotive pioneer, entrepreneur, and late member of the Church. The project team knew what this pavilion meant to the Church, their members and the Whitmire family, and worked daily to honor the facility’s namesake and his legacy to bring the project in on time and within budget. Now open, the project provides a great amenity to the church and its members. It’s a great place to host a party, baby shower, wedding or wedding reception, vacation bible school, summer camps and countless other events.

  • New 52,00 sq ft, 3-Story Medical Building, Highlands, NC
    Medical Office Building

    This project consisted of a new 52,000 square foot, three-story medical office building in the mountains of Highlands, NC. The completed facility houses physician’s offices, wellness and fitness programs, and various outpatient procedures serving several thousands of patients/visitors each year. Inclement weather including ice, snow and tornados hindered the construction process as well as the crews’ access to jobsite over the course of several months. Project team members chose to accelerate the project’s work schedule and install the roof prior to spring rains so we could continue on the interior of the building regardless of external weather conditions. This “fast track” approach was done in a safe manner and the project was delivered to the owner on schedule and within budget with minimal disruption to the on-going adjacent hospital operations.

  • Sheboygan Paint Manufacturing Facility
    Sheboyan Paint Company Building Addition

    Duffey Southeast constructed this 9,000 square foot expansion at an existing paint manufacturing facility. The project included extensive sitework, concrete, prefabricated building erection, and electrical work to support additional manufacturing and storage needs.

  • Switch room for Verizon MSC in Orlando, FL
    Verizon MSC – Orlando

    This 37,000 square foot two-switch facility, owned by a major telecommunications company, is on a ten acre site including wetlands and a retention pond. Each of the two switch rooms is 2,228 square feet. The first room was fully operational with associated AC and DC power. The second switch room was empty and had minimal support infrastructure. Duffey Southeast was contracted to build-out the second switch room to serve as a bearer control point. A new three-tier cable rack and fiber duct support system was added to the existing rack system in the newly fitted switch room and corridors.

  • Willamette Valley Company Tank Installation

    Duffey Southeast worked closely with Willamette Valley Company to plan and install six new 40-foot tall industrial tanks. The install took place on the occupied and fully-operational manufacturing facility site. The addition of the new tanks allows the facility to increase production of the firm’s patches, fillers, extenders, coatings, inks, abrasives and tapes.

  • Verizon MSC

    The mission of this project was to provide the mobile telecom switch office (MTSO) with upgraded commercial and emergency power systems capacity and reliability to support the increasing power demands of the digital computerized telecomm equipment. Among other improvements, this project included alterations to the existing commercial and emergency power switchgear to accommodate the increased power load and the installation of a new 1.5 mw emergency power generator system. The upgraded emergency power systems included complete new fuel, building automation systems, and alarm systems. The installation of the new generator required careful rigging and placement inside the facility through an existing exhaust air louver opening. Since all work was performed in a live 24/7 MTSO, daily construction activities were carefully coordinated with the building operations personnel. Potential service affecting activities were conducted by strict adherence to the Method of Procedure protocol. In the event that commercial utility power was lost during critical switchgear modifications, two portable 1.5 mw temporary generators were connected to the facility power systems to provide back-up emergency power while the existing power systems alterations were being performed. The project was safely completed on time, on budget, and fully commissioned with no loss of service to the live MTSO.

  • Community Hurricane Shelters Stand-By Backup Power Systems
    Community Hurricane Shelters Stand-By Backup Power Systems

    Duffey Southeast was selected as the construction manager to provide backup power systems for five hurricane shelters in Florida. Trane and Kellogg, Brown and Root, who spearheaded the effort on behalf of the State of Florida’s Department of Management Services, retained our services. The shelters were already built on school properties and were designed to accommodate special needs individuals in the event of an emergency. Utility power was already in place at the shelters and our firm installed backup power supply systems consisting of new standby diesel generators, automatic transfer switches, electrical distribution system modifications, and other related equipment to serve the facility in the event of power outage. Several different engineering consultants worked with us in order to complete this assignment. This project was performed over the period of two regular school years with no disruption to normal school activities. Each project was completed within 90 days. Due to our construction activities taking place on school grounds with high student traffic, safety precautions were implemented to keep students away from the construction site while work was in progress.

  • Rockmart, GA First National Bank of Polk County
    First National Bank of Polk County-Rockmart Branch

    First National Bank of Polk County, a wholly owned subsidiary of SouthCrest Financial Group, contracted Duffey Southeast to assist them with keeping up with their growing clientele and business needs at the branch bank in Rockmart, Georgia. We were selected as the general contractor to construct a new two-story, 5,000 square foot addition located at the rear of the existing facility. In addition to the expansion, a complete interior renovation to the existing bank was performed while maintaining full banking operations. Throughout the construction process, Duffey kept safety paramount by the use of signage and barricades to help with pedestrian and traffic flow. The paving of new parking areas at the rear of the building was completed during off hours in order to prevent congestion of the small site as well as to better accommodate the client’s desire to have minimal disturbance to the ongoing banking business. This project was completed on-time and within budget to the client’s complete satisfaction.

  • The Energy Authority Corporate Headquarters entrance, FL
    The Energy Authority Office and Data Center

    The Energy Authority (TEA), a nonprofit corporation and one of the nation’s leaders in public power energy trading and risk management, engaged the services of Duffey Southeast to provide construction management and general contractor services at their corporate offices in Jacksonville. In addition to renovating 33,000 square foot of office space on the 26th floor of the BellSouth Tower, including a 24-hour trading operation, we also built a new 2,000 square foot data center on the building’s 30th floor. Renovation work included demolition and new finishes throughout the space while simultaneously keeping the energy-trading brokers, and their workstations fully functional. Electrical and data feeds from the new data center were installed to support the trading operation on the lower floor. A UPS system was installed to insure the computerized trading equipment stayed “alive” at all times. Our project team and crew worked long hours including night shifts to complete this project on time and within budget. We were flexible in adapting to work conditions since the project, on a busy downtown street, had no on site parking, no place on the outside to store materials and equipment, and limited time to get materials in and out of the building to avoid heavy pedestrian and car traffic during the day.

  • Praxair plant
    Praxair Manufacturing Plant Renovation

    Design-build services for electrical services distribution and power systems upgrade at a live manufacturing plant. Renovations were completed for two new modules in support of upgrading their medium voltage substation. We designed and constructed conditioned space to accommodate the new transformer and distribution switchgear. All work was completed with no unscheduled shutdowns or disruption of business operation.

  • Exterior view of Floyd Medical Center, Urgent Critical Care Facility, Rockmart, GA
    Floyd Medical Center, Urgent Critical Care Facility

    The new 14,000 square foot Urgent Care Center provides health services for the Rockmart community. The center also contains a complete physical rehab facility. Floyd staff began seeing patients in January, 2013. Cochran Design Collaborative was the architect.

  • titusville generator depot
    Titusville Generator Depot

    This new 24,752 square foot facility was built as a generator depot and included approximately 3 acres of site development. Project included fire protection and fuel containment to meet local AHI requirements. All work was completed ahead of schedule and within budget.

  • Exterior view of Quiktrip Corporate Headquarters, Lawrenceville, GA
    Quicktrip Corporate Headquarters

    QuickTrip is an American-owned, privately held company with a 50-year history in the convenience store/gasoline retail industry operating in several states. The company hired Duffey Southeast to build their new 12,000 square foot corporate headquarters office. Completing the project on time was critical so QuickTrip could vacate a leased facility and move their Atlanta operations into the new building. We worked closely with the owner’s rep throughout permitting and the construction process. The owner was very satisfied with the timely completion and quality of construction.

  • Internal Medicine Office Buildout

    Sandy Springs Internal Medicine practice involves seven doctors, support staff, and over 3,000 patients who could not stop and wait on a construction project to be completed. Thus the challenge to renovate the occupied office of an ongoing internal medicine practice. We basically divided the project into nine phases of construction enabling the client to maintain ongoing operations with minimal interruptions. This project required a great deal of coordination with office staff, subcontractors, and delivery schedules. In an effort like this cost overruns can easily creep up but we managed all costs from day one. The result is a newly renovated, updated and more functionally sound office space for the good doctors of this practice.

  • MRI Installation, Jane Woodruff Clinic, NC
    Magnetic Resonance Imaging Installation

    Duffey Southeast participated in a second phase of construction at the Jane Woodruff Clinic by completing a 3,000 square foot shell space, which was originally created to house an MRI machine used for non-invasive medical testing to diagnose and treat medical conditions. Our project team added the infrastructure upgrades required to support the use of this sophisticated equipment. All work was performed with minimal disruption to the on-going physician care services and patient experience by scheduling noisy construction activities during the early hours and coordinating deliveries for early morning or late afternoon. The hospital provided us with an aggressive timetable to complete the installation, which we met.

  • Exterior view of student health center outpatient clinic, University of NC
    Student Health Center Outpatient Clinic

    Duffey Southeast completed the build-out of a new, 6,500 square foot student health center outpatient clinic for students attending the University of North Carolina Charlotte Campus. Construction included a new pharmacy, student intake center, administrative offices for the health center, and student immunization center. Renovations to the radiographic department were also performed to accommodate new medical imaging equipment. A special effort was made to coordinate with the pharmacy vendors in order to address their respective mechanical and electrical requirements needed for water supplies and drains. While all construction work was performed inside the building, construction crews worked around restricted access outside the facility in storing materials or parking since landscaping was going on at the same time the project was being completed. Project completion was designed to coincide with the health center’s relocation from a previous site on campus where it was known as the Brocker Health Center. The planned dates for completion were met and the opening of the center met the owner’s expectations.

  • Bank of Chickamauga Exterior Photo
    Bank of Chickamauga

    Duffey Southeast built this new 3,500 square foot branch bank for the Bank of Chickamauga, which is affiliated with SouthCrest Financial Group, a bank holding company. This new branch was constructed in close proximity to the rear of the existing branch while continuing to conduct normal business operations during the construction effort. The entire site received a new masonry façade, asphalt parking areas, carpet and ceramic tile, acoustical ceilings, millwork, interior masonry art display wall, mechanical, electrical, and bank equipment systems. Logistically, to build as close to the rear of the existing facility as possible, our project team reduced the existing drive-thru to one lane. We also relocated the ATM four separate times in order to keep it fully operable and accessible to bank clients as the construction process progressed. All of this activity on an already restricted space made for even tighter work conditions. After the new branch was fully operational, the existing branch was demolished to provide additional parking areas for banking customers.

  • Data center equipment for The Energy Authority, FL
    The Energy Authority Data Center

    This project consisted of building a 2,000 square foot data center on the 30th floor of the BellSouth Tower. Also included was 33,000 square feet of corporate office space on the 26th floor including a trading floor.

    The Energy Authority, a nonprofit corporation and one of the nation’s leaders in public power energy trading and risk management, engaged Duffey Southeast for construction management and general contractor services.

    Our project team worked long hours including night shifts to complete this project on time and within budget. The site had no parking and no place to store materials which added to the level of difficulty. The project was completed on schedule and to the complete satisfaction of our client.

  • Academia of Women’s Health & Endoscopic Surgery Atlanta, GA
    Interior Buildout

    This interior build-out serves for a state-of-the-art gynecological practice for including SurgeryU. Academia of Women’s Health & Endoscopic Surgery is highly specialized in the most up-to-date methods in the field. They employ minimally invasive approaches to medical and surgical management of a wide range of gynecologic conditions.

  • Corporate Office Renovation

    Duffey Southeast had the distinct opportunity to serve as general contractor for B&S Electric Supply’s National Headquarters located in Atlanta, Georgia. The scope of work included the strategic relocation of an 11,000 square foot ongoing operation concurrent with the complete interior demolition and reconstruction of new corporate offices, training room, and showroom space.

    Responding to the logistical and operational challenges in executing this type of renovation, the project was safely delivered on time, on budget, with no operational interruptions, and to the complete satisfaction of the client. The results accomplished are directly attributable to the exceptional team effort and their commitment to excellence in delivering a first class product.

  • Cedartown Critical Access Replacement Hospital and MOB
    Critical Access Replacement Hospital and MOB

    The team of Duffey Southeast and Brasfield & Gorrie built a new Critical Access Replacement Hospital in Cedartown, Georgia. Adams Management Service Corporation of Rome served as the Program Manager and Earl Swennson Associates of Nashville is the architect.