• Conceptual Planning

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)

  • Value Engineering

  • Constructability Review

  • Systems Evaluation

  • Sustainable Construction – LEED

  • Risk Analysis

  • Budget Development

  • Budget Analysis & Order of Magnitude Estimating

  • Bid Management

  • Minority Participation

  • Project Buy-out


  • Lean Construction

  • Quality Control

  • Schedule Creation and Control

  • Cost Management & Financial Analysis

  • On-site Safety Program

  • Self Performing Capabilities

  • Project Closeout

  • Owner Move-in Coordination

  • MEP Oversight & Commissioning


General Contracting

We serve as general contractor employing skilled craftsmen and trades. We approach the project as a partner with the design team and owner. We assist owners on single projects and through Alliance Agreements.

Construction Management

Using a partnering approach, Duffey Southeast helps owners select experienced, qualified firms with proven performance for design and construction.


Utilizing design-build provides single-source responsibility for design and construction services. We select and manage the appropriate design and construction teams best suited to your project.


Beginning in 2014, Duffey Southeast engaged Lean Construction principles to manage and improve our construction process with minimum cost and maximum value on all our projects. These techniques eliminate construction waste, enhance collaboration and improve project outcomes for all contributors both in the office and in the field. From pre-construction to project close-out, we seamlessly follow proven Lean Construction Institute techniques, while engaging the latest technologies to drive efficient construction services delivery.

Lean Design and Construction enhances value on projects by reducing waste produced by:

  • Excessive transportation

  • Wasted motion

  • Over processing activities

  • Excess inventory

  • Waiting: workers waiting on work or work waiting on workers

  • Defects & rework

  • Wasted human capacity, lost brain power & creativity

  • Adversarial relationships

  • Unreliable planning

As members of the Lean Construction Institute, by using proven principals, we are continually learning about innovative ways to safely deliver high quality projects faster and at a lower cost for all participants: Owner, Architects & Engineers, Contractors and material suppliers.